Only about the size of a DVD player, the Z-Base 220 system can fill your room with rich, satisfying 3D sound – including thumping bass response – with no external speakers, subwoofers or speaker wires! The 220’s sound quality is excellent because we use high performance speakers and amplifiers. And unlike any other sound bar in its price category, the Z-Base 220 uses a wood (MDF) cabinet – not plastic. Our exclusive Phase Cue II technology creates three-dimensional surround sound without external speakers and wires. You can fit the 220 on a shelf below the TV or, depending on the size of your TV, you can put it under your TV set. Hookup is super-simple – just one connecting wire and a one-page owner’s manual. You can even teach the ZVOX 220 to respond to your TV or cable box remote control! If you want great TV sound without the complexity…without the mess….and without the high price, the Z-Base 220 is the right choice for you.World’s Smallest Home Theater System