Ah, to have a flat panel speaker that matches the flat panel television. No more speaker boxes strewn about the room, no more wiring clutter. And yet, no sacrificing audio quality or deep bass effects for movies and even gaming. We can dream, can’t we? And we can… stream, now, too! Because the incredible Surround Bar 5000 IHT features Bluetooth Wireless Technology for clear, loss-less streaming from mobile gadgets like smart phones and tablets. Now your music can be heard, in dynamic CD-quality reproduction, with no wires and no complex setups or calibrations. Polk engineers have designed the ultimate Bluetooth speaker that’s also the ultimate single-speaker home theatre & subwoofer system: The Surround Bar 5000 IHT. Keep streaming!Shallow-depth design, just 2.25-inches deep, blends seamlessly with your flat panel TV installation.

The newest Sceptre Sound Bar SB301523 with built-in Subwoofer complements your digital entertainment with high-impact audio performance. At the same time adding a cinematic quality to your sound experience as it produces deep bass and detailed sounds. This 2.1-channel sound bar also includes Audio L/R & SPDIF (Coax) which let you connect the sound bar to various devices. So if it’s high quality audio you’re looking for, the Sceptre SB301523 sound bar with the built-in Subwoofer will surely take you at the edge of your seat. It also has four different mode types so you can listen to your favorite channels in movie, music, news, and sports mode for the ultimate experience.Length & Power Output: 32-inch 60W (2.1 channels) – ideal for 32-inch and larger TVs