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Are you looking to buy high quality headphones? Check our hand picked selection. The key features of the best Headphones Under $99. Sound quality, price, Wireless Capability, Range and Battery Life, comfort, Durability and Construction Quality.

The best headphones under $99 perfectly show that when you want to have a pleasurable listening experience, you need not spend a fortune. There are some who might think that if it’s that cheap, then it shouldn’t be good – wrong. There are so many overrated super expensive wireless headphones that can only do as much as one that costs below a hundred dollars. It is all a matter of knowing what to look for, because finding these isn’t even a challenge at all – you can easily get one online. You don’t have to get broke or even pay for a pair of headphones on installment through your credit card as these cans are certainly affordable.

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The key features of the best Headphones Under $99

Even if you spend less than 100 for a pair of wireless headphones, you are still spending money and you have all the right in this world to expect great quality that’s worth your money or even beyond that. Now to make sure that you won’t be wasting your hard-earned cash on a pair of mediocre headphones that will be useless within a couple of months or so, here are some qualities you should keep your eye (or ear) on.

  • The sound Quality

Superior sound quality is what you deserve; even if you’re only paying under 100 for a pair of cans. Who wants to listen to music with such awful sound? Who needs a pair of headphones that can’t even get the voices of movie characters right? Of course, sound quality is essential to say that a pair can be considered as one of the best wireless headphones under 100. It is just right to admit that when these wireless cans first came out, sound quality was an issue. They just didn’t get it as good enough as what headphones with cables can offer. Thanks to innovations in technology, there are now wireless headphones that can give you that necessary rich bass, clear mids and highs and simply that warm and beautiful sound you would absolutely love.

  • The wireless-Capability, Range and Battery Life

It wouldn’t be called a pair of wireless headphones if it can’t function wireless. The best acceptable range for wireless cans should be about 30 feet and above; some headphones can even reach over 100 feet range which is very impressive. Since the pair is wireless, then it would require batteries to work. Most headphones come with built-in rechargeable batteries and decent battery life should run more or less 10 hours or a lot more than that. Wireless headphones could function via Bluetooth connectivity or through Infrared.

  • The comfort

Just like any pair of headphones, comfort is essential. Headphones are expected to be worn for hours. Some would listen to music during their commute and most of the time they’re in school or in the office. Others would use these wireless headphones while watching a movie from their home theater system. A pair should have an adjustable headband so that it would fit most head sizes perfectly and padded ear cups for maximum comfort. In addition, having a lightweight built will also be a great plus.

  • The durability and Construction Quality

The moment you hold a pair of headphones in your hands, you can already feel how solid and sturdy it is. That feeling is not enough though. Construction quality of the wireless headphones is very important so you know that you can use it for many years to come. Headphones aren’t disposable devices. These are meant to be used for hours on end for years. A great pair of headphones should be able to withstand unintentional damages, wear and tear, hours of use and even occasional abuse.