Streamline your movies and music audio with the Philips HTL2151/F7 2.1 Ultra Compact Sound bar with Subwoofer. You will be blown away by the rich, deep sound provided by such a simple installation. This Philips speaker system features a dedicated subwoofer that boosts your home entertainment system’s quality and can be used with TVs, BD/DVD players, gaming consoles and MP3 players. This compact, yet powerful, sound bar system is specially designed to give you a crisp, clean sound experience. This system is easy to setup or move as necessary. This speaker system is an ideal going-away gift for the college-bound graduate and is a wonderful enhancement to your existing electronics suite. You can take movie night to a new level with the Philips HTL2151/F7 2.1 Ultra Compact Sound bar. Philips HTL2151/F7 Sound Bar Speaker System with USB: Audio in to enjoy music from iPod/iPhone/MP3 player Works with TVs, BD/DVD players, gaming consoles, MP3 players Enjoy MP3/WMA music directly from your portable USB devices Low-rise profile for the perfect fit in front of your TV Ultra-compact sound bar, just 32″ wide Virtual Surround Sound for a realistic movie experience Dolby Digital for ultimate movie experience External subwoofer adds thrill to the action Twin tweeters for optimum clarity performanceAudio in to enjoy music from iPod/iPhone/MP3 player

Enjoy the same great sound as the SurroundBar 3000 IHT. Plus even more connectivity for today’s TVs and surround-encoded programming. The SurroundBar 4000 creates the exciting sound Polk Audio bars are known for: a rich, full enveloping sound with a wide stage. The SurroundBar 4000 IHT is the step up from our SurroundBar 3000 IHT because it comes with Dolby® Digital, so you have even more connectivity for today’s surround-encoded programming. Movies, gaming, satellite, cable and broadcast TV. They all sound bigger and more thrilling through the SurroundBar 4000 IHT. A sleek easy-to-use system that includes a wireless subwoofer, the SurroundBar 4000 IHT is the home theater solution without any of the traditional home theater hassles or clutter and all of the connectivity you wantOn-board Dolby Digital processing: connect directly to your TV, DVD or Blu-Ray player, or gaming console.

Surround yourself with amazing sound with VIZIO’s all-new 38″ 5.1 Sound Bar System, a great fit for 42″+ Class TVs. The addition of the rear satellite speakers and deep-thumping wireless subwoofer create a true 5.1 surround sound experience, immersing you in the middle of the action. The built-in Bluetooth feature allows you to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, even when the TV is off. An Intuitive LCD display remote makes it easy to change audio settings from the palm of your hand. With everything you need for a quick and easy setup, upgrading your TV audio to a home theater experience has never been easier.The complete 5.1 channel true surround sound home theater solution that places you in the center of the action. Includes a 38″ sound bar with left, right and center channels, a wireless subwoofer and rear satellite speakers.

Rotibox CET-926 is multimedia wireless Bluetooth speaker integrates the sound and the amplifier of multiple channels into a single cabinets.Each channel has independent cavity to ensure good isolation and resolution,which brings you into perfect HiFi sound enjoyment.At present,the latest important digital technology in speaker is as follows:

1.Integrated home audio broadcast platform,AUX audio imput.

2.Dual speakers,dual-channel,a speaker can handle a separate home theater sound field positioning effect.

3.Built-in 4.0 Bluetooth program,support A2DP V1.2,AVRCP V1.4 profiles aggreement.

As a pursuit of the perfect sound quality Bluetooth speakers,we not only keep the traditional speaker characteristics,take account the sound quality,but also integrate into a stylish sleek design,Bluetooth4.0 10 meter accessible connection, especially let you enjoy the wireless good life.

Bluetooth Version:Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth Prolile:HFP,HSP,ACRCP,A2DP

Noise Reduction:CVC6.0

Transmission Distance:10m

Effect Mode:

Red light–Balacne Audio

Green light–Super Bass

Blue light–Cinema Surround

Key feature:

with two connect mode(Bluetooth & AUX)

Bluetooth connectivity

Audio line input and other broadcast modes

Output power: 5wx2 THD

Having that home theater experience with true surround sound you’ve been wanting is easier than you think. Designed to complement any medium to large-sized HDTV, the VIZIO 38” 5.1 Sound Bar System is an easy upgrade to an immersive listening experience. The three-channel sound bar, wireless subwoofer and rear satellite speakers bring your favorite TV shows, movies, music and games to life; while Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device, even when the TV is off.Complete 5.1 Channel true surround sound home theater solution: 38″ sound bar with left, right and center channels, wireless subwoofer and rear satellite speakers

VIZIO’s 29” 2.0 Sound Bar delivers powerful audio to any room and is perfect for small to medium sized HDTVs. It features DTS TruVolume for a TV viewing experience with fewer volume fluctuations and DTS TruSurround HD for immersive surround sound without the need for cumbersome rear speakers. Built-in Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device. Setup is simple – just plug it in, connect the included audio cable to your TV and you’ve got powerful audio with minimal effort.A refurbished VIZIO sound bar is a sound bar that has been returned to the manufacturer, refurbished, tested, and certified to work as If purchased new. This includes proper packaging, labeling, and the inclusion of all necessary accessories inside the box

Polk Audio’s SurroundBar IHT 3000 is our new entry level single-speaker SurroundBar for flat panel TV owners who want the absolute easiest home theater solution without any of the home theater clutter. Ideal for any room where space is at a premium, the SurroundBar IHT 3000 is also a practical solution for anyone looking for a second home theater system while still enjoying real home theater performanceComplete home theater experience from a single speaker and an unobtrusive wireless subwoofer–no rear speakers, no extra wires

GOgroove BlueSYNC SBR

Premium Audio Quality
Experience your music and movies the way they were meant to be enjoyed with crisp highs, full mids and thundering bass! With optical and analog inputs, the BlueSYNC SBR provides your home entertainment system with rich, powerful sound and amazing clarity. The speaker comes with 3 equalizer settings – MUSIC, MOVIE and VOICE – to create the best listening experience no matter what type of Bluetooth device you are connecting to.

Multiple Control Options
The BlueSYNC SBR includes both onboard controls and a remote control for easy audio access when using Bluetooth. The onboard controls provide power, volume, play/pause/pair and track skipping. Use the remote for the same audio control from a distance but with the added bass and treble adjustment features.

Versatile and Slim Design
With its ultra-slim and low-profile design, the BlueSYNC SBR nicely accents any home theater system without getting in the way. The sound bar looks great mounted on a wall or resting on a shelf in your entertainment center. The included wall-mounting kit allows you to easily hang the SBR in a few simple steps and should only take a few minutes to install.

Although the GOgroove BlueSYNC SBR is ideal for listening to audio from your television, this speaker also provides terrific sound when connecting to Smartphones , Tablets , Laptops , Desktops , MP3 Players and More!

Works With:

Bluetooth-enabled devices by Apple , Samsung , HTC , LG , Motorola , Microsoft , HP , ASUS , Acer , Nokia , Blackberry , Lenovo , Toshiba and More!Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX, RCA and optical audio input options. Works great with Samsung , Sony , Apple , LG , HTC , Motorola , Microsoft , ASUS , Acer , Lenovo , Sharp , Toshiba and more brands!

The OSD Audio SoundSole 2.1 greatly enhances the sound quality of today’s flat screen LED, LCD and Plasma TVs without having o add a lot of speakers. A single speaker system that requires very little space, the SoundSole can be installed below or in front of a high definition TV or inside a cabinet. You’ll enjoy simulated surround sound from a single, space- saving cabinet with deep, enveloping bass without bulky speakers or amps. The SoundSole easily connects to inputs on today’s flat panel TVs and digital music players and even syncs to almost any Bluetooth audio device. It has a pair of 2.25 inch full range drivers powered by two 10 Watt stereo digital power amps. It has three audio input connections on the rear panel that can be used for TV audio or connection to other sources such as CD player, a portable music player (that does not have Bluetooth), a computer or any audio source with one of the following output connections. Connect the 3.5 mm AUX cable to the Headphone output of any non-Bluetooth device such as an iPod or laptop computer. Connect the L&R Audio OUT on a TV or other by using a Stereo RCA-RCA patch cable. Connect the optical digital audio OUT on a TV or other source by using a digital optical audio cable. The dimensions of the SoundSole are 17.9 inches wide, 12.4 inches deep and 2.5 inches high (2.9 inches high with the feet)Length & Power Output: 17.9-inch 50W (2.1 channels) – ideal for 55-inch or less TVs at 55lbs Max Weight