Headphones on. World off. Cowin E-7 wireless headphones are engineered to sound better, be more comfortable and easier to take with you. Put them on, and suddenly everything changes. Your music is deep, powerful and balanced, and so quiet that...

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Product has been fully upgraded since Mar 10, 2017. 1. Battery capacity is increased to have longer working time. Up to 9 hours talking time(MAX). 2. Circuit design is optimized to improve performance and reliability. 3. Upgrade to IPX7 nano...

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The Midas M32-IP is a 40-input digital mixing console that is designed for live performance, and live and studio recording. Housed in a high-performance carbon fiber, aluminum and high-impact steel chassis, this console is designed to be both...

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The Behringer X32 32-Channel 16-Bus Total Recall Digital Mixing Console provides a wealth of features in a compact design, ideal for professional live and recording applications. The mixer has 32 channels that feature full programmable high-end mic...

$2,179.99 as at 10:57 UTC. (Details)

The Behringer X32-TP Compact 40-Input Digital Mixing Console is designed for live sound reinforcement applications on the road. The package consists of the compact version of Behringer's flagship X32 40-input, 25-bus digital mixing console...

$2,048.99 as at 10:57 UTC. (Details)

BEHRINGER S32 I/O Box with 32 Remote-Controllable MIDAS Preamps, 16 Outputs and AES50 Networking featuring KLARK TEKNIK Supermac Technology32 MIDAS-designed, fully programmable mic preamps for audiophile sound...

$999.99 as at 15:29 UTC. (Details)

Includes 1 Year Free Extended Warranty. Drawing on over 40 years experience in live sound mixing, Si Impact brings the latest digital mix innovations together with the unrivalled sound quality of Soundcraft. Designed to be as simple as an analog...

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The Behringer POWERPLAY P16 system is the easy, affordable way to give your musicians and vocalists what they really want - "more me!" P16-M Personal Mixers lets each performer take control of what they hear, allowing the engineer to concentrate on...

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40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Rack Mixer With Aes50 Networked Audio, Usb Audio Interface And Ipad/Iphone Remote Control40-input channel, 25-bus, 1U rack-mountable digital mixing core for live and installed sound...

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