Sentey® Headphone Headset Flow (Black/red) Music Gaming Foldable for Kids or Adults Easy Storage with Detachable 3.5 Mm Audio Cable That Includes In-line Microphone and Controls Compatible with Apple Ipad Ipod or Iphone Mp3 Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Great Heavy Bass and Good for Workout and Running or Sports Analog Connector Sound Better Than Any Headphones Designer -Fantastic Eadphones Compatible with Any Pc, Laptop, Notebook or Mac Computer , Tablet , Sony Playstation Ps3, Ps4, Music Player , Ps Vita Soundstage Is Way Better Than Any Usb Connector – Lightweight Portable Stereo Works As Gaming Adjustable Headband Better Than Any Earbuds Works with Any Wired or Streaming – for Kids Men Children or Woman Girls – Xbox Wii Powerful High Definition Sound Amazing Sound – New Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus Compatible – Best Super Portable Top Rated Sound- Indoor – Outdoor – For Car Mobile Sound Ls-4222

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Sentey® Headphone Flow (BLACK/RED) foldable for easy storage with detachable 3.5mm cable with in-line MIC for kids or

Foldable and Seek design

For those who like an elegant and modern design, SENTEY® presents FLOW, a new stereo headset that combines mobility, beauty, and excellent quality. Comfortable, lightweight, and foldable, FLOW was created to accompany you in your musical adventure wherever that may be. Its in-line microphone and control allow you to talk easily on your mobile phone at or at work. FLOW is the ideal solution if you want to have music with you all day.

In-Line Control

The Flow headphones features in-line control to allow you to answer calls by pressing the button while being used on a mobile phone as well as play/pause a song when used in a device that support in-line control with music

In-Line Microphone

An in-line omnidirectional microphone that picks up your voice without having to talk directly into it.


The Flow headset folds up for easy transport and storage anywhere you want.


The flat detachable cable designed to prevent tangles in both use and storage while providing the maximum strength.

Exclusive Sleek design

Comes with a modern, sleek design that highlights simple but functional beauty.

Don’t trust on cheap headphones or bad quality headphones.Exclusive Sleek design for Kids or : Comes with a modern, sleek design that highlights simple but functional beauty.