CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

Record studio-quality audio directly to your computer via USB with the CAD U37 side-address condenser microphone-a great choice for both vocal and instruments as well as for creating podcasts and voiceovers for videos. Compatible with both Windows...

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Presonus Audiobox Music Creation Suite

Presonus ADL700 Microphone PreampRecord any instrument and your voice with the AudioBox USB 2x2 interface featuring 2 combo mic/instrument inputs and high quality digital...

$399.95 as at 04:19 UTC. (Details)
Auphonix Microphone Pop Filter 6-Inch Double Mesh Screen. Essential Recording Studio Environment Equipment. Microphone Accessory Clamps To Your Mic Stand Or Boom. Flexible Gooseneck Holder. Bonus Recording Tips and Tricks Ebook

That sinking feeling, when you realize that your recording is wasted...What's that sound? A dull thud? Distortion every time there is a "p" or a "b"?Every time. Your heart sinks as you realize all your efforts are wasted.Your recording is useless....

$12.97 as at 04:19 UTC. (Details)
Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio USB Audio Interface Recording Package

Scarlett Solo Studio Pack gives you everything you need to record with legendary Focusrite sound quality on your Mac or PC. It contains a compact metal USB audio interface with an award-winning Focusrite microphone preamp and instrument input, a...

$199.00 as at 22:19 UTC. (Details)
MXL Mics MXL RF-100 Microphone Reflection Filter

The MXL RF-100 Reflection Filter is a lightweight portable device designed to minimize unwanted room ambiance and reflections in difficult environments. Utilizing a unique five panel design constructed with high quality metal and acoustic foam, the...

$179.95 as at 22:19 UTC. (Details)
CAD Audio U37 USB Studio Condenser Vocal,Instrument & Recording Microphone With CAD Audio EPF-15A Pop Filter on 15-Inch Gooseneck + CAD Audio MH110 Studio Monitor Headphones

The CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Microphone features a USB connection for plug-and-play operation with any Windows or Mac based computer. The U37 delivers studio-grade quality and the convenience of USB connectivity at a modest price. A 10' (3 m)...

$74.95 as at 14:20 UTC. (Details)
Fotga Condenser Sound Studio Recording Microphone Mic w/ Stand for PC Laptop Gaming Skype MSN

Special design for gaming or chatting over QQ, MSN, SKYPE...etc. High performance microphone accurately reproduces sound with noise cancellation. No batteries required; device is powered by any your PC's 3.5mm jack. Specification: Sensitivity:...

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Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones

BEHRINGER HEADPHONES HPS3000 High-Performance Studio Headphones Ultra-wide frequency response High-definition bass and super-transparent highs Ultra-wide dynamic range High-efficiency cobalt capsule 1/8" connector plus 1/4" adapter included ...

$19.99 as at 14:53 UTC. (Details)
Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB 2x2 Home Recording Bundle w/ AV30 Monitors AT2020

Bundle also includes USB Cable, Mic Cable, TH-02 Headphones, Pop Filter1x Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio...

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