That sinking feeling, when you realize that your recording is wasted…

What’s that sound? A dull thud? Distortion every time there is a “p” or a “b”?

Every time. Your heart sinks as you realize all your efforts are wasted.

Your recording is useless. You are going to have to do it all again. Because …

You didn’t use a pop shield!

The thuds and pops are caused by the air from some sounds hitting the microphone at high speed

The way we vocalize those sounds are picked up as loud noises by your microphone…

… unless you use a pop guard.

Although they are simple devices, your new pop filter will

– disperse the air from these problem sounds,
– reduce the impact on the microphone,
– and eliminate these distortions from your recording.

You will get a clean, professional-sounding recording, first time!

So, why buy this Pop Filter?

There’s a reason pop guards are used in recording studios and radio stations the world over. They work!
Professionals and amateurs alike use this simple tool to vastly improve their recording quality

– The Auphonix Pop Filter has strong, sturdy, construction, with a double layer of mesh.
– The gooseneck holder fully supports the filter’s weight, unlike cheaper filters.
– And if you are not happy there is a 12-month 100% money back guarantee

BONUS: There is so much more to great recording than just using a filter, so to help you get the best results… when you get this filter you also get our bonus ebook full of recording hints and tips.

Using a pop filter, and applying the simple tips in the bonus ebook, will be the end of your frustration with bad audio.

All that’s left to do is order now and you’ll soon have your new pop filter, bonus ebook, and great audio!Microphone Pop Filter’s double mesh screen completely eliminates the “popping” from your Ps and Bs