Xact XTR1 Sirius Satellite Plug and Play Receiver

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XACT COMMUNICATIONS XTR1 Palm Sized Portable SIRIUS Satellite Tuner – The XTR1 is a palm-sized portable Sirius Satellite Tuner for enjoying Sirius wherever you go. Enjoy 105 streams of satellite radio programming in 13 categories. Whether you like music from foreign lands, news from across the globe, or sports commentary — Sirius offers all of it, 100% commercial-free. This Plug & Play Receiver offers multiple control options for choosing your favorite stations and hearing them anywhere! Software-controlled channel selection Headphone jack supports 2-stereo headphone sets with optional Y connector Sleep Timer schedules automatic shut-offs Wireless IR remote control offers additional sub-menu options Amber backlit display with illuminated keypad and control buttons Optional Home, Portable and Car Kits for use wherever you go are required (not included) In order to receive Sirius satellite radio broadcasts, a monthly subscription to Sirius is required. Information is enclosed in product packagingPreset tuner scans up to 18 stored streams

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