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ALLPOWERS solar charger, maybe it is the best charger
ALLPOWERS is a company in combination with solar and battery application design, development, production and sales. The ALLPOWERS power charger allows you to charge the external battery anywhere at any time. Get the ALLPOWERS battery pack now.

* Power: 2.5W
* Output: 5V 500mA
* Size: 220 x140 x 60mm/ 8.7 x 5.5 x 2.4inch
* Weight: 177g
* Package: 1PCS Solar Charger

Fit for:
USB devices under 500mAh, such as portable smartphones, cellphones, iphone, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, OPPO, E-readers, MP3 Players & more USB devices

Directions for use
This product has a fast conversion rate, only under the sunshine, it can charge your USB devices,such as mobile phones, iphone, GPS ect. As for special devices, please check the output firstly, thank you

Trouble shooting
Why my Apple devices kept giving me a warning of “This accessory may not be supported” when connected?
It may be caused by low charging current, according to our test and many feedbacks from customers, it did charge though. For better charging, please replace the solar panel in somewhere more full sun, if it still does not work, please use your original cable or a third-party certified one to charge.

The charging speed did not meet my expectation.
The solar charging speed totally depends on the sun, cloudy weather, indirect sun may be too weak to power, please replace the solar panel in somewhere more full sun.

One year product guarantee from ALLPOWERS
Efficient mono-crysterline solar energy technology and enviromental friendly, could recharge devices under sunshine for emergency purpose