The New Diver MP3 player now featuring a LCD screen along with a swimometer is designed to adjust to your active lifestyle, letting you enjoy your tunes while you workout on land or on water. It comes with all the waterproof accessories needed to adjust to your comfort, giving you a full range of mobility. Both the MP3 player and earphones can stay submerged under water for more than 24 hours without sustaining damage. The MP3 player comes with a sturdy clip which can be easily attached onto headband or swimming goggles while you swim! The player comes with waterproof earphones that are short and unobtrusive and hooks around the ears for better stability. These earphones come with an extension wire to extend the earphone wire length for non-water use.

The new Diver MP3 even comes with replaceable parts should you have too much fun on your active adventures and loose any small accessory parts. It is both durable and water-resistant giving you the freedom to enjoy your activity without stressing about dropping, breaking, or damaging your Diver MP3 player. The skip and volume buttons are also designed to conform to your active lifestyle, songs will not skip unless you firmly press the next button. Comes in either a fashionable White with blue details OR Black with red details.Now with swimometer to track your strokes during swimming.