The Amplivox SW212 MITY-VOX completely portable wireless 30 watt amplified AC / DC / 8 x “D” Batteries Public Address System and Wireless Microphones is fantastic for a large variety of applications and audience sizes. This version does NOT come with a rechargeable battery pack even though the front of the unit states “rechargeable”. Because of this the price is 50% less than the typical selling price of $350+.
This excellent wireless microphone system comes with a high quality VHF Wireless Belt pack transmitter with a lapel microphone that can transmit up to 128 feet to the VHF receiver built into the 30 watt dual channel PA speaker / amp. NO dangling wires or batteries to worry about for the receiver. A high quality VHF Wireless Handheld Microphone that can transmit up to 64 feet is also included for true versatility and for use instead of the belt pack transmitter.
The compact 30 Watt AC / DC / 8 x “D” batteries Amplified Speaker system operates from a built in AC power supply with the included AC cable or with a 12 volt power supply (cable not included) or with 8 “D” batteries (not included – alkaline batteries are recommended).
The SW212 compact system weighs less than 8 pounds total with microphones – puts out up to 30 watts max so it is perfect indoors or for an outside area with a group of listeners. Just plug the compact PA amplified speaker into a 110 volt AC wall outlet or plug a 12 volt power supply plug into the 12 volt input or insert 8 “D” batteries and your good to go. The built in carrying handle makes it very easy to transport. A shoulder carrying case as well as starter 9 volt batteries are included.
Specifications: Operating Range: 64 to 128 ft (20-40m) / Receiving Mode: VHF / S/N Radio: 60dB / Dynamic Range: 80dB / Power: 30 Watts / Impedance: 600 Ohm / Amplifier Battery: 8 D-cells (optional) / Transmitter Battery: 9V / Audio Frequency Range: 100-15,000Hz / VHF FM Band /30 WATT AC / DC or 8 x “D” BATTERY POWERED PA SYSTEM