Canon EOS Rebel 2000 Silver Date 35mm SLR Camera Deluxe Kit with 28-90mm Lens (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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BUY NOW The new generation of Canon Rebel 35mm SLR camera, the 2000 Date EF 28-90mm silver deluxe camera, is smaller and lighter than any of its predecessors. Besides its sleek all-silver color (including the 28-90mm zoom lens) and comfortable new body design, this camera has a faster AF and quieter overall operation. Many of its other functions, such as a seven-point autofocus, 35-zone AE metering, quartz data time/date stamp, and depth-of-field preview, have been added or improved upon. The seven-point autofocus system, five across and one above and below the center focusing point, contains a completely renovated focusing algorithm that increases the AF speed, improving selection accuracy of the automatic focusing point. The high-speed selectable seven-point autofocus system is linked to the 35-zone metering system as well as Canon’s exclusive E-TTL autoflash system. Focusing point selection is chosen by the camera when it is set on automatic, or by the user if the photographer chooses manual mode. If the camera is on automatic, the shutter will not release until it perceives that the image is in focus. However, manual mode gives the photographer the freedom to determine how sharply in focus he or she wants the image. The TTL full-aperture metering has three patterns available: evaluative metering, central partial metering (which covers approximately 95 percent of the finder area), and center-weighted average metering. Though center-weighted metering is available, it can be used only when the camera is set on manual. This 35-zone metering system allows the photographer more precise exposure control in all of the available metering modes. Though this camera comes complete with many standard features for the beginner, advanced functions are also available for the more experienced photographer. Among these features are: a choice of evaluative or partial metering patterns, AE lock, auto exposure bracketing, and multiple exposure. These features, coupled with the Re35mm SLR camera with full manual controls

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