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Installs quickly and easily to the wall using the included screws. The flashing light LED makes this dummy camera looks like an operating actual security camera.

Product Feature:

Heavy Duty – This camera is extremely durable and won’t rust. it is made of plastic. The housing is weatherproof and includes a rain shield to protect even further against moisture.

Outdoor Use – This camera is designed to be used outdoors. It is the same security camera housing you would see at many gas stations, convenience stores, shopping centers and malls.

Affordable Protection – Dummy cameras are proven to deter crime at a fraction of the cost of real cameras.

Real Security Camera Housing – Anyone who sees it will believe the area is being monitored.

Easy To Install – Installs in minutes with the included hardware.

Adjusts To Almost Any Angle – This unit can adjust up or down and left to right. This will give you the ability to mount it almost anywhere.

Mounting Bracket Included – Comes complete with a mounting bracket so it’s ready to install as soon as you receive it.

Multiple Faux Infrared Bulbs – Gives the appearance that the camera can see at night.

Faux Video Cable – Gives the appearance the camera is connected a recording device.

Each camera includes a security sticker