Change your life into a relaxed lifestyle, The fujikam Hd FI-361 allows you to be away from home or on a long vacation leaving your property, family members or pets at home your Smartphone or tablet your Apple Store or Google Play

3 Dbi Antenna for extreme reliable Wi-Fi connection
Card slot record directly to Micro SD supported for 32 GB
QR Code Scan to download the free MIPC app setup
WPS button for ez Wi-Fi connection setup
Power interface, Cable interface, Digital zoom
Real Plug and Play 5 minute setup
Motion detection snap shot or video alerts
Remote Live Video Streaming Via Smart Phone, Tablet, PC
Remote Stunning Pen and Tilt control
320 degree x 120 degree covers every corner of your home
Strong and heavy abs rubber based material

Clear Two-Way Voice built in mic and speaker
Stunning Video Quality Face to face effect
HD Video Real Time 1280 x 720p 25 fps
H.264 video compression format with maximum clarity
Ir cut for capture love images
Superior high quality 3.6mm Lens
One million pixel high definition
12 IR LEDs for Night Vision Up to 10
 Meters distance for 24-hour

The Fujikam Hd FI-361 is The world’s first Cloud Camera to watch real-time HD video its Simple

Remote Live Video Streaming Via Smart Phone, Tablet, PC