Onkyo SKS-HT870 Home Theater Speaker System

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For maximum audio impact, your multichannel Onkyo receiver should be accompanied by a full-blooded surround-sound speaker set. Fitting the bill is the SKS-HT870, a 7.1-channel system that injects power and vitality into all your movies, games, and music. The highlight-both visually and aurally-is a pair of dual-drive, floor-standing tallboy front speakers rated conservatively at 130 W. In concert with the two-way center and full-range surround and surround-back speakers-each also rated 130 W-they deliver stunningly detailed high- and mid-range frequencies. Meanwhile, at the bottom end, a superbly calibrated 290 W subwoofer adds visceral heft to bass notes and low frequency effects.7.1-channel home theater speaker set

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