Delphi’s SKYFi2 XM Satellite Radio receiver/vehicle kit combo offers true plug-and-play utility with simple mounting, docking, and connections. Its slim, sleek, thin profile design doesn’t take up much space, yet the large 5-line display shows plenty of programming information. The Replay/Pause feature continuously and automatically saves the last 30 minutes of content, allowing you to pause live programming without missing a beat. The built-in transmitter can broadcast the XM signal to your vehicle’s FM radio (or any other FM radio) on an unused FM frequency in your area. If your vehicle’s FM radio has a cassette tape player or an auxiliary audio input, you can hook up the SKYFi2 using the included cassette adapter or an easily-obtained audio cable (not included). To get to your favorite channels fast, 30 presets are available. Up to 20 song titles or artist’s names can be stored in TuneSelect, then when any one of them is playing on any XM channel, you’ll be alerted so you can listen. You can also customize a running stock ticker with up to 20 symbols you want to follow, or select the sports teams whose scores you’d like to see scroll at the bottom of the display. The SKYFi2 comes complete with everything you’ll need to get XM programming on the road; and, if you want to move all that great entertainment inside, there’s an optional (not included) home kit available. XM Satellite Radio service (not included) requires subscription and activation fees. Service is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or US Territories.Pause and Replay feature automatically records last 30 minutes of an XM station