Next Acoustics Small Studio Foam Starter Kit

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Color: Charcoal QTY: 1 box of 2″ SoundTrax (12 panels; 24 sq. ft.), 1 box of CornerBlox (4 bass traps; 8 lin. ft.), 2 packs of NextTape adhesive (24 tabs per pack) Applications: •CornerBlox to place in the corners where bass build-up is likely. By controlling the low-frequency modes in the room, your recording will translate much better (what you record is what you hear when played back, especially in other studios or listening environments, even your car!) Can be mounted in corners (or wall/ceiling junctures). • 2″ SoundTrax – cool looks – great to spread out on your walls and/or ceiling to absorb errant sound waves that create unwanted echo.A great acoustic foam kit to get your small studio sounding great

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