Recording the Beatles : The Studio Equipment and Techniques Used to Create Their Classic Albums

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A very large hardcover book with hundreds of pages, a deep look at the individual pieces of recording gear, the techniques used to create drum sounds, mixing tricks, and using 4-track and other recorders. Possibly the greatest book on vintage recording in general, the project took nearly 16 years to complete.

The book has been amazingly well-received, with 5-star reviews from MOJO magazine and Rolling Stone, and has become the industry-standard reference book for vintage recording. Learn exactly what microphones and compressors were used, the most accurate instrument listings (per year) of Beatles’ instruments and amps, and over 150 pages on the original mixing desks and their use.

Most books are concerned with the story of The Beatles, but this is the first to go deeper into the procedures, the studios, the people who made the records. With foreword by legendary Beatles author Mark Lewisohn (who called the book “a giant” in the world of Beatles books) and Ken Townshend, who worked at Abbey Road for nearly 50 years (as technical assistant beginning with the very first Beatles audition, and eventually manager of Abbey Road Studios).

Features hundreds of beautifully printed photos of the Beatles – most of them never-before-seen shots of them making the records in the studio. And detailed, high-quality photos of the equipment used, from mixing desks to monitor speakers, also never-seen anywhere else. Diagrams of most Beatles setups show what was never captured in photos – the exact microphone placement and equipment used for specific songs, documented with access to the EMI and Abbey Road Archives, and with collaboration and input from nearly 100 of the staff members who worked at Abbey Road!

Please read the reviews below and in forums on the web. This is NOT a typical Beatles book, this is much larger than most books, very large and heavy. It is expensive to produce, with the best paper and inks available.

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